Brandon Beard, also known as VerticalMind (Xbox Gamertag). Brandon is 33 years old, and was born in Queens, NY. He says his hometown however is Savannah, GA, since he’s lived there on and off for over 20 years.

He runs on a 6’3” 192 lbs., Sharpshooting Shot Creating Point Guard. VM as I call him, is a problem for opposing defenses. I should know since I’ve had the displeasure of matching up against him and his Pro-am Team “Home Town Heroes”. His squad is bolstered by the 2K Analytics guys Conner 2KA and ELI 2KA. I knew the 2K Analytics guys were smart before I heard about VerticalMind. Now I know they are geniuses. They have a Stephen Curry like Point Guard running their offense. If given a centimeter of space he is pulling with confidence from anywhere on the court.

VerticalMind has a High IQ for the game. He utilizes screens and limited dribble moves to get by his defender. He has mastered the pick and roll, and will make you pay if your big man is not on his toes. VM is the best I’ve ever seen at taking shots the very millisecond he is open. VM has mastered the crab dribble. If he gets his defender behind him, he will keep him there. Bring help and rotate on defense, or he will go for 50.

Brandon Curr… I mean Beard, has limitations with his scoring build. He isn’t as fast as some of the Guards with Playmaking in their archetype. VM’s build has a Silver Dimer Badge which is lower than mostly all PG builds with Playmaking in it. His shooting badges are also lower than what one would expect with a Sharp Shot Build. Corner Specialist, Deep Range Deadeye, Limitless Range, and Catch and shoot are all at Silver. You wouldn’t be able to tell though, since he almost doesn’t miss when shooting open shots. His ability to get open mixed with his ability to hit open shots makes him a worthy adversary for quality defenders. For average defenders… VM is your worst nightmare.

With VM’s slight build standing at only 6’3”, 192 lbs., with a minimum wingspan, the basketball industry would call him BBQ Chicken. His team usually runs a Lock and Conner 2KA fills that spot. Covering for VM’s shortcomings on defense, C0n 0H is more than capable of guarding ball while VM plays D on a sharp build, or secondary ball handler. His build can be taken advantage of and should be if you catch them in traffic. With that being said, VM has great defensive instincts and will come up with passing lane steals even with his T-Rex arms.

The player comparison for VerticalMind is you guessed it… Stephen (Sold His Soul to the Devil for a 25-foot Jumps hot) Curry. He moves well around screens, shoots from anywhere on the court, pulls up in transition, and finishes at the rim efficiently. I’ve played with and against VerticalMind and the only thing worse than watching him pull up from 3 in transition while you are defending him, is watching him pull up for 3 in transition when he is on your team.
Besides VerticalMind’s build weaknesses, I would say he is a pretty complete player. He can improve a bit on his court vision, but for a pure scorer it is more than serviceable. In summary, VerticalMind is without a doubt a Scoring Machine. At over 30 points per game and just under 9 assist per game in Team Pro-Am, he is proving he belongs in the conversation as one of the more deadly scorers on NBA 2K19.

VM is a 2K League Hopeful who I believe has the right game to stand out in the combine. I hope to see VerticalMind’s “V-Logs” when he gets drafted by an NBA 2K League Team.

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